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Veteran Rating is a FREE service that helps Veterans identify possible disabilities that warrant an increase based on the severity of their symptoms. We have a network of highly knowledgeable, full-service companies that collaborate with medical professionals who get to know Veterans, their disabilities, and their needs.

The Veterans Disability Claims process is complicated and tedious. There is very little information available to veterans to ensure that you are completing the process accurately according to your unique disability.

Rather than trying to make sense of hundreds of pages of legal statutes and regulations, some veterans will go through a Veteran Service Organization for help. These organizations aim to help veterans get their benefits, but they are often overwhelmed with a high number of cases and can’t dedicate the time necessary to get you the disability rating that you deserve.


Do Your Own Claim

  • Hours of research
  • Complicated paperwork
  • No answers to questions
  • No professional help

Veteran Service Organization

  • Limited knowledge of best practices
  • Overwhelmed clerks
  • Long wait times
  • Incomplete medical assessments

Our Recommended Services

  • Full service from start to finish
  • Expert insider knowledge
  • Sympathetic medical professionals
  • Online DBQ software

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